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Don't you justify the murder of Israeli children?

Who ever said I wasn't for peace? I have marched against the war in Iraq on several occasions and hosted a peace vigil downtown just before Shock and Awe.

When I was 14 years old, I dedicated my life to world peace. You may not believe me, but I feel I am working just as hard for a just and peaceful world as I hoped I would when I was fourteen. I had a right to dance at the inaugeral demo just like anyone else.

You said I "justifies the murder of unarmed children."

I do not justify the murder of any children. The IDF did not murder Iman al-Hams. The Palestinian terror group who recruited her for this sick, perverse, and violent mission were her murderers. I condemn them. Don't you?

Consider this. Whenever you say "suicide bombings are terrible BUT you have to realize how desparate these people are..." YOU are justifying the murder of Israeli children.

I abhor the deaths of any children. It is mean-spirited and false to characterize me as not caring about children or, God forbid, as supporting their murder.

I assume your strident accusation that I "danced and gave a peace sign" was made in lieu of your having a coherent argument against the map I provided above.

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