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The war in Palestine is caused by the extreme injustices

Becky Johnson hates Palestinians and thinks that some non-existent all-knowing "God" in the sky gave Palestine to the Zionists. With this she denies that the Palestinians were the original inhabitants that had a vibrant culture, agriculture, and civilization before the Zionists began murdering, terrorizing, and evicting them from their land.

She says this is not true, that there is archeological evidence from 3,000 years ago… blah, blah, blah. Archeological evidence? So what? There is also evidence of Homo erectus inhabiting the land about 700,000 years ago. This is just as relevant to the debate on whether or not Palestinians should have equal rights to Jews.

The nonsense "logic? of Becky Johnson generally refutes itself.

Then Becky Johnson had to come up with this one: "More Nazis died in World War II than Americans. Did that mean the Germans were the victims and the Americans the perpetrators?"

The difference you lunatic Zionist is that the Nazis had power and the Palestinians do not.

Yet the Zionists will claim that the little PA Bantustans with no base for an economy and their hand picked Uncle Tom PA capitalist leaders constitute Palestinian power.

The war in Palestine is caused by the extreme injustices of the Zionist government. It is not a result of something inherently evil in the character of the Palestinian people, as these raving Zionists would have us think.

As for Becky Johnson's support for the murder of a 13 year-old Palestinian child, people who think that her arguments may be persuasive would do well to ask Becky Johnson for sources on her endless stream of made-up facts.

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