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As I said in another post to this thread... which I got a bit too colorful for the mod's taste, you pretend this stupid map represents an atrocity equivalent to a hate-crazed soldier ripping an unarmed completely helpless little girl in half with a machine gun. All you're really proving with this, Becky, is how twisted by hatred your own mind is. Likewise with your conjecture that Iman was a "suicide bomber." You started off stating this in a hypothetical way, but now it's carved in stone for you:

"The IDF did not murder Iman al-Hams. The Palestinian terror group who recruited her for this sick, perverse, and violent mission were her murderers. I condemn them. Don't you?"

I suppose you imagine your systematic morphing of this message has tricked everyone else into swallowing this crap whole, and now you're gloating to yourself over how clever you think you are, but all you've really done is prove for the fiftieth time that you're an extremely vicious ideologue, and that you harbor the zionist's symptomatic contempt for other people's intelligence. You still have absolutely no basis for claiming she was on any kind of political suicide mission; this map you're waving around doesn't even begin to prove this, especially since it's misleading: the articles clearly state that Iman was 70 meters from the tower, while this graphic lie you're so proud of shows her approaching to within 30 meters or so. She may have come closer than 70, but there's just no way she got this close. Then there's that clever little arrowhead at the end of her route, with which this bullshit artist implies she went even closer, and on a TRAJECTORY, no less.

So now that I've noticed how creative this piece of shit is, I'm supposed to blindly accept the word of the propagandist who produced it, that this was her exact route? Bullshit. All this scumbag did was get his hands on a satellite photograph and then assign to it his most incriminating guess as to how she might have approached the outpost.

Also, this is virtually her back yard. Maybe she lost something the previous day while playing closer to her house, and was wandering around trying to find it. there are all sorts of possibilities. Kids do flakey things. But in your sick apologist mind, she has to be evil, she has to deserve what happened to her, because after all she's Palestinian. And her killers are Israelis, so they can do no wrong.

You wanted me to be your monkey and wave maps around, so here are maps showing the history of zionist land theft since WWII:






No, these are not "beside the point" they're the ENTIRE point. They represent a crime of incredible magnitude that you in your impenetrable disease will never acknowledge.

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