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RE: "Gee, back to the moon"

Aha. I've got no recourse but to conclude you have a big problem with the ADL's self-proclaimed "efforts to deter and counteract hate-motivated criminal activity" and the fact that Wisconsin and the US Supreme Court in effect concurred with one of those efforts.

So you are greatly troubled by the struggle undertaken by the ADL and other Jewish organizations against antisemitism and you consider their efforts "zionist mind-control" that is attempting to "silence their critics". See, that's a classic antisemitic line which the notorious neo-Nazi sympathizing Wendy KKKlanbell and the NOI sympathizing Juif Antagoniste would always be more than happy to spout. Proud of the company you keep? You don't happen to be "Truth Warrior", do you?

Racists like you and your ilk are an albatross on the far Left's neck.

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