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Maps leave out vital information

Reply to Truth Warrior: Your maps are very interesting and very telling. While they delineate where the Jewish kibbutzm movement had bought land prior to 1948, the inference is that all the remaining land belonged to the Arabs.

It didn't.

While some Arabs did own plots of land, much of the land belonged to the absentee landlords of the Turkish Crown. So anyone viewing your maps might mistakenly presume that the remaining land belonged to the Arabs.

Your maps don't show the previous partition of Palestine done to create the Arab/Palestinian state of Jordan--a country where no Jew is allowed to own land. So Palestine had already been divided into an Arab and Jewish state before your first map--with 75% of the land going to form an Arab/Palestinian state.

I also note you have no maps of 1993 and the Oslo accords that set up an agreement that would phase in an independent state of Palestine alongside Israel in five years. Of course the first requirement was that the Palestinians stop the terror attacks. They didn't. The plan got stuck at phase 1 and guess who got the blame?

Oh Truth(what a laugh!) Warrior-- I asked you to post a map of Iman al-Hams neighborhood--showing where her house is, her school, and the relative position of the Girit outpost where she died. You haven't.

So you think she was wandering a distance of 2 and 1/2 times the distance from her home and school IN THE WRONG DIRECTION from her school and despite warning shots fired from the IDF still entered the forbidden zone? And that the IDF is at fault for shooting her AFTER she took her backpack off and threw it at them during a gunbattle with Palestinians?

Your graphic description of the horror of the soldier shooting her body after she was probably dead is a separate issue. It does not prove she was murdered by the IDF. Its even possible she was killed by a Palestinian bullet as there was a gunbattle going on at the time of her arrival on the Girit outpost property and the IDF investigation said it was impossible to tell which bullet from where killed her.

So Truth Warrior-- the aerial map I posted shows she didnt accidently cut across the forbidden zone on the way to school as the vast majority of outraged press reports relate. She very deliberately took a bizarre and dangerous trek that day. Since the Palestinians do recruit children to become shehadas, that is the most likely reason she did what she did.

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