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Re: Itsy-Twitsy little dots, part deux

I was composing a gigantic retort for that diatribe when about an hour ago a power outage eliminated my work when I was like 78% done. So I'll now confine myself to a few brief remarks as I'm not in the mood to attempt reconstructing from scratch.


For any diligent reader who needed additional proof for the deranged "Warrior" being a racist paranoid lunatic, there it is...conflating Zionism with "Judaic extremism" and being positive I'll never admit Christian extremism is "sinister and dangerous". Aside from this being horseshit, why doesn't he lump any other particular national movement together with the religion the dominant population benefiting from that movement belongs to? The answer should be obvious. Why for example isn't he charging Palestinisn with being Islamic extremism?

Maybe this twerp is trying to outdo himself in vitriolic hatred with every new post he makes here. If he actually thinks and speaks this way in a mundane manner in real life, he should at the very least be hauled off to the nearest psychiatric facility and be given a frontal lobotomy and electro-convulsive therapy.

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