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I hate when that happens!!

Yeah, losing a whole bunch of work in an instant happens to every writer. Usually by our own error!

I hate to wish the extremes of modern psychiatry on any human being. But perhaps there is some therapy for hate.

Years ago a man who specialized in deprogramming people who were stuck in cults, told me that it's possible to deprogram people stuck in irrational schemas based on hate and bigotry by an intensive de-programming procedure done nearly round the clock for about three or four days.

Neither Critical Thinker nor I have that kind of access to any of you, nor would you welcome it. Until then, you are "lost causes" causing damage with every other person you infect with this malicious hatred of anything to do with Israel.

I can only hope that some or the readers here, who maybe haven't set their minds in stone assured that they "know" the situation better than the people who actually live in Israel.

I am far from an expert. I am not Jewish. I have never been to Israel. I am only one person talking. I used to think just like you do. I was so hip I could even be critical of the JEWS in ISRAEL who had survived the holocaust. I was filled with my own self-righteousness.

When I first heard the things I have been repeating here on these pages at indymedia, I didn't believe them either.

The "Truth" is nothing like what "Truth" Warrior and Steve Argue would have you believe it is. Do your own investigation. If one side says one thing and the other side says the opposite, take some time to do your own research to find out where the truth really lies.

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