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Yes indeed!

I'd like to thank Becky for the sympathy she extends for my loss of the retort draft. I really should have done a few savings of the material every few minutes.

On the topic of the damage wrought by the morbid Warrior and his ilk on the IMCs, I'd say I would have totally laughed them off if they didn't represent a slightly amplified version of the misguided assortment of anti-Israel views held by the majority in the West to differing extents. But then again, Israel has its own journalistic anti-Israel cadres, most notably in Ha'aretz. These Israeli anti-Israeli journalists cause untold PR damage to Israel and the Israelis with their biased reporting. Just this weak I noticed one of their reports that was published in Indybay spoke of Ramat Rahel -- a Kibbutz just south of Jerusalem -- as a "settlement" built after 1967, though in actuality it was founded in 1926! Was the Ha'aretz reporter just being sloppy or was he lying? Who knows.

As you have seen or are about to see, also JA is among the professional hatemongers who cannot be reached.

In closing, I'd like to share a quite interesting and illuminating report I stumbled on today concerning the real demographics in the disputed territories:

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