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Re: power outage

I must say, CT, the temptation to hit you while you're down is strong, but this has happened to me too and I know how much it sucks. I sympathize.

As for this stuff:

CT: "he should at the very least be hauled off to the nearest psychiatric facility and be given a frontal lobotomy and electro-convulsive therapy."

Becky: "it's possible to deprogram people stuck in irrational schemas based on hate and bigotry by an intensive de-programming procedure done nearly round the clock for about three or four days."

It is simply unbelievable to see these things being said by people who have made so much rhetorical hay of Nazi super-villainy. Your intellectual dishonesty is truly world-class. Dr. Mengele would have cherished your company. If this is meant to intimidate me, it doesn't. What it does is validate everything I've said about you two: you're both fascists.

Hey Becky: Ah yes, 'attitude adjustment' through operant conditioning combined with sleep deprivation. That's been the favorite political torture method of U.S. spooks for decades. Spare us your bullshit that this is 'therapy.' It's nearly as destructive as CT's recommendation, especially in the hands of a vicious ideologue, e.g. yourself. And THAT characterization, darling, is borne out by your posture on Iman al-Hams. To anyone sane, that is.

If it works as you say, though, maybe shrinks should start using it on IDF jarheads...

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