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Another reason I have opposed you so ferociously, CT, is because here you are an obviously conservative zionist Israeli, devoting huge amounts of time and energy to hectoring and badgering a U.S. LEFTIST website. If there were no criticism of Israel happening here, you wouldn't spend two minutes here. But there is, and you can't stand that. You can't stand that people who've been alienated by Israel's policies, here in this country on the other side of the planet from you, might find a place where they can affirm each other's views without an asshole like you shoving his face into it and screaming them down.

You don't belong here. Get your screaming face out of my country and out of my politics, because you have no stake in either. This is so crystal clear about you, just as it's crystal clear about all the other zionist "thought police" who now infest EVERY U.S. leftist forum.

As long as you keep doing this plainly rude and ideologically rabid thing, I will continue to fight you tooth and claw. I have seen all I can stand of the "zionist gatekeeper" phenomenon -- now I'm gonna do some "gatekeeping" of my own. And I'll keep kicking your ass, too, cuz I have a right to this turf and you don't. Yeah, it DOES matter.

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