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Re: Santa Cruz City Council Approves Coast Hotel Project Despite Widespread Community Opposition

The corporados (who are colonizing Santa Cruz and mutating it into Orange County North) are quietly putting all the legal puzzle pieces in place.

Read the fine print

Check out the Sentinel's 2/4/05 Classified section -page C-11.

In the second column are proposals to amend City ordinances pertaining to zoning and water use. The microscopic print below the photo reads: Coast Hotel Rezone.

This is how the Grand Wazoos in power get their way. They not only make the rules and write in the loopholes. They bury pertinent info where the public (many who are working two or three jobs) as not too likely to see it.

Sort of like the movie A Hitch hiker's Guide to the Universe. Aliens informed earthlings that the Earth would be blown up to allow for their outer-space shipping route, but nobody knew about it.

"Well" said the alien, "We posted the notice on Alpha Centauri five years ago. If you earthlings are too lazy to take action then too bad!

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