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Re: Becky's latest putrid apologetics

No Becky, the Palestinian arrested for firing into the air is called a P-A-T-S-Y

For someone who pretends to consider all sides, you have an amazing ability to swallow the official Israeli disinfo version without question, as if reading it out of the jpost or some such rag is like seeing it with your own eyes. This is not skepticism.

The trajectory of the bullet was flat. It took a horizontal path, entering beneath her nose and exiting the back of her head. This bullet was not fired "into the air" -- those don't come down nearly as fast as they go up. They come down at their terminal velocity, which is much slower. It's fast enough to hurt you, if it's a large caliber (higher mass & terminal velocity) it might even penetrate a kid's cranium, but blasting a hole straight through it, especially through the complex bones of the face is simply out of the question. This "fact" you're referencing about bullets fired into the air is just another childish myth you accept unthinkingly, much like the one about Palestinians all being VIE-YULL DEE-MONS!!! Aaargh!! SNARL!!! and stupid as rocks while Israelis are just widdle flit-ting goo-goo angels with widdle harps. Aw!

Nor was this a single errant bullet. The schoolyard was hit with a BURST of bullets. Another girl in the yard was shot through the hand. It's all much more consistent with Barbara Lubin's version than with yours.

Your claim that you were EVER a leftist is super gross. The character Newt in the movie "Aliens" could have been talking about you: "But Ripley, HER head's made of PLASTIC!"

Here's what really happened to you: you were a shallow poser who wanted to hang with the cool kids, and then you had kids yourself, which made you a super-conservative latent bigot, cuz it can do that. It alters your brain. As with so many things, you're too weak-minded to figure this out, and like so many Americans who style themselves "leftists" you're actually anything but this. That takes REAL free thought, not this manipulative histrionic horseshit you're peddling.

All of which makes the following extremely offensive:
"What if you were in Nazi Germany in the 1930's and somehow you KNEW the Jewish holocaust was coming, wouldn't you feel moved to act to stop it?"

In 1930s Germany, and everywhere else in Europe for that matter, it wasn't conservatives like you who fought Hitler. They were too busy jostling with each other to slurp him off. The people who fought him were the REAL leftists: the communists, anarchists, syndicalists, etc., i.e. the brilliant courageous principled types you see fit to sneer at, like Chomsky and Goodman.

How do I know all this about you? Because you ARE in Nazi Germany, stupid ass. RIGHT NOW. You're in a fascist imperial state that's whipping up a mass psychosis of race-hatred as a means to advance empire, the only difference being a trivial matter of who's targeted. This time it's Arabs. And how are you reacting to this? "Oh mwy Gwod, Clairisse, we have to kill all dese ragheads, they're so ee-vull ! Hey pass duh clamm chowdah." You are EXACTLY like the complacent disgusting German Middle Class who massaged their tonsils with Hitler's cock as the Jews burned because they thought it would make them and their kids safe.

When you get your lungs sucked out through your mouth in a firestorm like they did in Dresden and Hamburg, now you'll know why.

This goes DOUBLE for you CT. Pop that scrambled vicious brain out of your head, wipe the memory, and drop it into a blonde-haired blue-eyed body named Von Klugensturm or some shit back in 1930s Germany, and Hitler would have




It all goes hand in talon with the way you hate leftists. That it was the leftists like Tito who opposed them with incredibly courageous guerrilla wars, or that the United States employed ex-Nazis following the war to help them slaughter those same leftists, and in so many other ways just took up right where the Nazis left off -- the significance of all this is entirely lost on you. "Hey, let's cozy up and suck America's cock now. Mmm, yummy, tastes like charred sauerbraten just like Ariel's. When do we get our F-16s?"
That is the full measure of your dishonesty.

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