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Where's the proof for Truth Warper's version?

Truth Warper fails to back up his version that the Palestinian man arrested by the PA police was a patsy. Are we to take TW's claim at face value? Why? Are his rags any more credible than the JPost? Why should we believe anti-Zionist rags more credible than those that aren't decidedly anti-Zionist? Did TW see the incident unfolding with his own eyes? And what compelling reason is there to believe Barbara Lubin that it must have been (an) Israeli soldier/s?

That Palestinian may have well fired into the air horizontally.

Look, Truth Warper, it's becoming clearer by every post you make on this thread or by the day that you're terminally ill, what with continually de facto branding the US Nazi Germany. Fortunately for you, you'll never be able to recite all your morbid musings right in my face. I don't stand for listening to a person spouting your sort of hateful venomous crap in my face without reacting violently. You probably would have felt completely at home among the Islamo-Nazi Hamas members in Gaza.

I'll keep your morbid hatred in mind next time I'm called to serve in the disputed territories. I've already had a few run ins with ISM characters and am proud I have had opportunities to inconvenience them a bit. Hopefully I'll be able to get more chances to cause your communist comrades there some more displeasure. I'll be sure to tell them how I've dealt with you as their red comrade on cyber, so as to show them they'll find themselves under pressure no matter where they turn for having resolved to try to make my country more vulnerable to Palestinian terror.

What do you know about honesty, filthy Truth Warper psycho?

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