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Human Rights people?! Puh-leeaze!

These rabid anti-Zionists stand for human rights of Palestinian terrorists and combatants; any Palestinian who'd go against the line dictated by the terrorist factions, they'd never try to stick up for his or her human rights, let alone any Israeli people, be they Jewish or not. Human Rights people my ass!

As to that pair of ISM idiots you're naming, the second is Tom Hurndall, not Jeffrey. And I wouldn't expect a vicious deranged dingbat like you to forget these enablers of Palestinian terror or to stop trumpeting your repeated lie that Corrie was murdered. There's apparently too much at stake for your sorry ass to lose if you desist from flinging Corrie's stupidity in everybody's faces.

You keep doing what's totally natural to you, namely raving at the top of your lungs, because you know you and your sorry ISM comrade jerks are on the losing side in their meddling in the conflict in the Land of Israel.

In case you've forgotten, we're still waiting for you to provide back up for Lubin's version. All the red herrings you may pull won't cut it.

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