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Re: God in the Middle East: Faith and Palestinian/Israeli Reconciliation

With all the talk of atheism, I notice that one of the speakers was an atheist-- and came to believe in God while getting a Ph.D. in science at Berkeley of all places. I'm curious what brought that about.

Also, I find it interesting all the intellectualizing about this event, but there is some down to earth legitimate stuff about it. For an example, one speaker was trained as a sniper to kill Jews and now doesn't go after Jews to kill them because he says his spiritual awakening gave him compassion. If a religion or god or "crutch" can cause a person to shift from killing people to stop killing people, then amen to that.

Its obvious that power hungry sadistic lunatics have used religion throughout the ages to do all kinds of horrible things, but if we can't see past the obvious manipulation of religion by "bad guys" to see the good in authentic spirituality, then we are pretty dumb. It would mean we have been duped by those who misuse religion for their own selfish purposes as much as those who have been fooled into following those leaders.

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