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End Goal of the Next Industrial Revolution

William McDonough, international architect, industrial designer, business leader and Hero of the Planet, was given a standing ovation by all departments of the United States government after he presented this end goal and the Cradle to Cradle Design strategy in the White House on January 21st 2004.

“We hope for a delightful, safe and healthy world
with clean water and renewably power,
economically, equitably, ecologically
and elegantly enjoyed?.

The central question of Cradle to Cradle Design is:

“How do we love all of the children of all species for all time??

In Cradle to Cradle Design we are talking about conceptually sound and hugely profitable strategies that are socially equitable and environmentally intelligent that celebrates healthy closed-loop industrial production while we regenerate the biosphere.

The latest audio (31 minutes) of William McDonough, designer of Cradle to Cradle Design is with Canadian Massive Change radio on March 23rd, 2004 (half way down the page)
Along with many other brilliant thinkers like Janine Benyus, Wade Davis, Jeffery Sachs, Jaime Lerner, Gwynne Dyer and many more. Fabulous resources!

Now is the time to profitably and strategically build the renewably powered world together.
The decentralized, regenerative solar hydrogen economy

As of today February 16th, 2005 the Kyoto Protocol is now international law with 141 countries on board!

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