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Re: America's Failed Drug War: Santa Cruz and the National Debate

I admire the ACLU's drug law reform dept for their mission, but really - what's the point?

We've had municipal laws passed. We've had state laws passed. We've had Supreme Court decisions made.

All in favor of merely partial legalization for medical use.

What did it get us, each time?

Nothing. SWAT teams still attacked, doors were still kicked in, gardens were still torn up with chain saws, raids continue.

The SCPD and county Sherrif should have protected the citizens that pay their salaries, but they step aside and let the federal soldiers invade, attack, and escape each time.

Dubya once referred to the United Nations as "irrelevant". Tell me, in an era when city, county, and state law can be trampled by federal goons acting in clear violation of the US Constitution, while our local cops betray us by letting the feds do as they please,

tell me, how is the ACLU relevant anymore?

It's pointless to appeal to the referee, when the other team just ignores his rulings altogether.


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