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I am not your public relations dept. I am not here to fight for your cause - that's your job. I am only here to report what is happening, here and now.

Yes, the loss of shade is minor. That was the whole point of reporting it - the tree sit created only a minor inconvenience for loggers, who then retalliated with what also became no more than a minor inconvenience. That is the tactical reality that has evolved in the sitters' overall campaign to stop the logging, and the loggers' retalliation to prevent that stoppage - that it has thus far been an exchange of inconveniences, nothing more.

That is the reality - the actual events transpiring. If you want a pro-forest public relations piece for YOUR fight, do it your damned self. I don't claim to be an environmentalist. I do claim to be a journalist. I journalize - to record, that others may later interpret.

As for digging, I have personally visited the CDF office for this area, purchased a copy of the Timber Harvest Plan and Official Response documents, and read them front to back twice until my brain glazed over on multiple nights from ecological and geological techno-babble. I've discussed details of the THP and the specific issued that were raised, with the current treesit leader Dragonfly. I've personally spoke to Nancy Drinkard of the CDF for a half hour about activists' specific issues on this and previous harvests, and about what documentation to read to answer these questions. I've hiked twice up to the tree sit itself, and questioned various sitters on their motives for participation. I've attended EF meetings for updates, and even left disposable cameras in the trees for sitters in case of newsworthy events. I've already retreived and developed, at my own expense, two such rolls of film and sent fresh cameras back up.

I am investigating the story heavily, discovering a great deal of surprising information from both sides, and as soon as Ive finished processing it all there will be a report.

Maybe in your simple world it all boils down to re-inforcing pre-conceived generalities like "forest destruction" and "abolishing capitalism", but dealing with reality means witholding judgement until you're done with your research. And paying attention to the details.

I'm reporting news. That means reporting the facts that I have, and letting the reader decide what they think. You want propaganda in support of your pre-conceived conclusions? Write it yourself.


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