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Re: Celebrate Equal Marriage Victory

I'm glad for this victory! The virulent prejudice toward gays and lesbians and the legal restrictions against them prove that the "separation of church and state" is a MYTH!

The belief that "homosexuality" is wrong is a RELIGIOUS belief. As long as same sex people are discriminated against , it will continue to be made clear that the US is and always has been, a male supremacist theocracy.

The same reasoning applies to laws that keep women from using birth control or having an abortion. The belief that abortion and birth control is wrong is also a religious belief.

The ultimate reason same-sex marriage has the conservative's jockey shorts in a twist is that it undermines the mandate that every women be under the thumb of a man.

Under patriarchy, the ideal human to be is a hetrosexual male.. Against this "ideal" , all other humans are compared and found lacking.
The changing definition of "marriage" has the potential to erode the foundation of patriarchy, the system that oppresses women (regarded as non men) and gays and lesbians (regarded as non hetrosexual people).

Too bad male supremacist religion has such a long shelf life. We no longer worshop Jupiter or Mercury so why does Un Fun DUMB Mentalism endure?

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