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No Clear Court Victories But Pressure on City Council

The main purpose of making the complaints is to educate the public and pressure the Council. None of the complaints, as Brown Act complaints, have been taken formally into an active lawsuit status.

I have probably filed more than a dozen letters to the City Council detailing separate clusters of Brown Act violations over the years.

None of these has gone to court--since the costs in time and/or money have been, for me, prohibitive.

There is one active lawsuit going in federal court (the "Heil Krohn!" case--see "Santa Cruz City Council Will Face Trial in mock-Nazi salute case" also posted on this indymedia site).

That lawsuit will be amended with additional complaints, based on the various Brown Act and First Amendment violations that have happened over the years (such as former Mayor Kennedy's arrest of me in January 2004 in the middle of a homeless demonstration).

However, I have won one lawsuit against the City, the SCPD, and a private merchant in collusion with them in the "Sushi Now!" case (involving a false arrest where I was circulating a petition asking for a boycott of the businesses that moved to fence off the area in front of New Leaf Market).

The City has also gotten more nervous about Brown Act violation complaint letters from me. They're actually replying to them now, instead of ignoring them. The replies are denials, but I believe the impact of these complaints is to require the Council to be more cautious in its "public be damned" process.

A number of those past Brown Act complaints can be found on indymedia.

Unfortunately apparently the indymedia software is screwy on dealing with archives, so many of the past stories are inaccessible and lead to "never submitted past the preview stage" morgue files.

(A word to the wise: save any stories you post or value that are on indymedia--they may not remain there for any length of time)

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