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Re: No Clear Court Victories But Pressure on City Council by Robert Nors

Robert wrote:

"Unfortunately apparently the indymedia software is screwy on dealing with archives, so many of the past stories are inaccessible and lead to "never submitted past the preview stage" morgue files."

Hopefully this problem should be fixed in the near future; however, growing sites are often in a state of flux. Thanks for your patience.

"(A word to the wise: save any stories you post or value that are on indymedia--they may not remain there for any length of time)"

Thanks for the tip. Writers should always save copies of stories. That's common sense. As for the problem with finding things in the archives, this is a software problem and not a conspiracy, despite Becky apparently wishing it were so. For now, you may have better luck searching for your articles with Google or another search engine.

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