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Re: Wendy Campbell: "A Wannabe Film-maker"

Note that Wendy Campbell doesn't deny that she gets money for filmmaking from Arab and other Muslim interests. That is the gist of her being a "filmmaker." Her antisemitic diatribes get her donations from the PLO and other anti-American groups so she can make movies.

Wendy is a "peace activist," my arse. She supports suicide bombings and justifiies terrorism. She visited Syria and then lied about its Jewish population there as a PR stunt for one of the most repressive regimes in the Middle East. She's a silly stupid little woman who says things like
"Zionazis" and "Israhell" all the time about Jews and the only realdemocracy in the Middle East, Israel.

Wendy, the truth about you is out. You're an unskilled filmmaker who will support terrorists and thugs who even steal from their own people. If you are truly against exclusivity then where's your umbrage at the Palestine Authority constitution that states in Article7 that Islam is the only official religion of Palestine (like in Saudi Arabia and Iran you so admire0. Both those regimes are dictatroships, torture people and enslave women. Wendy, you're not only a wannabe fillmaker because you only make propaganda films for dictators, but you're a wannabe human being as well because you work for the totalitarian scum of the earth. Syria's Assad regime that you extoll murdered over 30,000 Syrians at Hama and had a hand in the killing of our marines in Beirut.

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