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my parents, our ancestors.. have faught to make this land the land of the people. I wasn't born here, but my parents brought me here for a better life, we traveled to many nations seeking justice and truth. We come here, we work, we become part of life here, and only to find out that one day, this place might no longer be like the place we once knew. I have seen corruption in other countries, it is sad that many here don't even grasp how wonderful this country is for it's constitution... we may loose it if we don't treat it with respect, and if we don't respect each other. Why should we fight about this when we all agree on the same principles? I am not against anyone, I am instead, for everyone, I am for liberty and truth, but not at the cost of loosing liberty and truth itself. The more we protect ourselves from ourselves, the more fear we create in the hearts of the ones we may call "others". We only hurt each other if we use fear to push us forward. We only succeed if we use wisdom, not violence to face problems. Every action/force exerts an equal and opposite action/force.
I have said nothing, if I have only put words together, words I've heard and read from wiser man than myself. There is nothing to apose or agree to, I am not making a point, or even a question, just putting thoughts out there. Seems like every time a point or question is made, people want to counter them, and then anger comes, and then... people seem to forget why they are living, and worry about surviving themselves. E-ki.

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