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Re: Sunday Free Radio Show Continues Local Debate on Marijuana Prohibition

"Medical marijuana" as a legal issue, is defective. To treat medical use as something special, reinforces the perceived illegitimacy of recreational use, and of cultivation or sale without specific purpose.

"Medical marijuana" should not be a legal or political issue at all. It is a medical issue, between doctor and patient and NO ONE ELSE!

The government, cops, politicians, and activists need to get out of medicine. It isn't their field.

Activists are pandering to the special interest group of those who use marijuana for medicinal purposes, at the expense of the rest of us. The government has made marijuana a crime for all, but these activists would make it a privilege for the few. Making it a privilege, further tramples on the RIGHTS of the rest of us.

And you aren't even succeeding. How many years has it been since the Compassionate Use Act was passed? A decade? And yet you're STILL fighting anyway, and losing?

All you've done is fracture and weaken the greater struggle for the restoration of individual freedom and the right to control what goes into our own minds and bodies. Divided, we fell. Good job.

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