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Check Out the Jail Figures

Thanks for the interest and support. I'd encourage Students for Sensible Drug Policy to write its own Public Records Act request (just a letter asserting your right to review or copy all records containing the information you seek). Or you could reference my letter and state that your organization is seeking similar information and supports the request and would like to be cc-ed.

This would increase the pressure on D.A. Bob Lee to take speedy action.

I also urge you to request information from the Sheriff's Dept. asking how many people are currently serving time on drug charges of any kind. Ask for an e-mail copy of the name of every prisoner in jail serving time for a drug sentence and the charge s/he is being held on and the length of their sentence.

Once you then eliminate people who are serving time for other charges, you get a sense of the dimensions of the Drug War here in Santa Cruz.

Let me know if you or your group apply for this information.

Remember calling for national justice without acting locally (standard behavior for our own local ACLU) actually bolsters local injustice by ignoring and implicitly allowing it.

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