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Re: US Soldiers Resisting the Iraq War

I have to agree with 2ndTourTroop. Mejia may disagree with what's going on over there, but he had a personal responsibility to the soldiers that counted on him. I could understand this more from a brand new private than I can a professional Noncommissioned Officer. Mejia had plenty of opportunities to bail before leaving the young men that count on him in the lurch. It's not like he's only been in the Army for a day, which makes it curious when you consider the timing of his actions. There's a lot of good going on over there at the soldier and small unit level between US soldiers and Iraqi civilians. You wouldn't know that from the news reports that come out. "If it bleeds, it leads." seems to be the mantra of mainstream media without regard to the good that has come out of the US action in Iraq. Few on this website wants to hear about schools or hospitals rebuilt or freely elected officials being sworn into office for the first time in several decades. I was there with the 3d ID for the first go around. Yes, that's Mejia's former unit. It's kind of embarrasing that guys like SFC Paul Smith, who was awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor for holding his position and saving the lives of the soldiers around him, ever wore the same unit patch as a guy who ran away from his committments and responsibilities- and the soldiers that looked up to him. You can say what you will about the "right or wrong" of the US in Iraq. Camilo Mejia running away had the same effect on changing the strategic policy of the US as spitting in the ocean. But one more US soldier may be killed that he could have prevented by fulfilling his moral responsibilities to the soldiers that he led. Military service as a leader (NCO or officer) is about more than selfless service to the nation, it's about selfless service to the guy (or gal) that is to your left or right, front or back. That's what upsets me most about his "celebrity" status as a deserter and "war resister". I can respect those who voice their opinions here at home. It's their right as a citizen of our country. I have a hard time respecting a guy that chose to walk away from the lives of those he was entrusted with.

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