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The Pot calling the Kettle Black

The Jewish Holocaust of 6 million Jews murdered in camps, firing squads, and gas chambers continues to stand out in history for its racism, brutality, and massive death toll.

JA WRITES: "But, that’s exactly what Jews who commemorate the Holocaust—yet who also ideologically believe in an exclusionary Jewish state—support every day for Israel."

BECKY: JA would have you believe the Jews are ethnically cleansing the Palestinians. There are more Arabs inside of Israel (as Israeli citizens) than there are Jews in the West Bank and Gaza. And Israel has no plans to purge its land of them, but JA is on the front lines urging the ethnic cleansing of Jews from lands that were within the borders of bibilical Israel.

JA WRITES: "Others, like many of us, like “the good Germans? of another era, turn our heads away from this human rights catastrophe against, in turn, another 'despised' minority: the Palestinian people. Their resistance to brutal ethnic cleansing is, ironically, labeled “anti-Semitic.?

BECKY: Their "resistance" against the Jewish State includes over 120 suicide bombings most targeting innocent civilians.

ALSO: Thanks to Elaine Charkowski for reminding us of the Women's Holocaust. While reports in the 1970's of 9 million deaths appear to be a gross overestimate, the numbers are still astonishing considering the much lower overall population figures for those times. See below:

"The most reasonable modern estimates suggest perhaps 100,000 (witch) trials between 1450 and 1750, with something between 40,000 and 50,000 executions, of which 20 to 25 per cent were men." Briggs adds that "these figures are chilling enough, but they have to be set in the context of what was probably the harshest period of capital punishments in European history." (Briggs, Witches & Neighbours, p. 8.)

So JA's competing holocausts theme fails to mention the one committed against women.

Nor does JA mention the genocide that is currently going on in Sudan. Some two million lives are hanging in the balance at this moment and nary a word from him.

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