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Re: TUSC Rally on 5/13: Taking Back Democracy!

"(This is the first time that I have felt it necessary to post anonymously. I am truly afraid of the attacks that have been and will continue to be levied against people who dare to criticize Tent University on other than a high theoretical level. Frankly, I'm also fed up with the amount of coverage that Tent University has received here, while other, more immediate issues go unnoticed. I hardly visit S.C. IndyMedia anymore, because I know I'll just find another front page story about Tent University"


Ok, so people that publish to (or SIMPLY read) sc-imc know that i spend a lot of time in the streets covering events and behind a computer screen uploading media (audio, photos and videos). While the comment above has been posted anonymously, i'm pretty sure i know who posted it... this sounds like a friend of mine. one who is very passionate about making the world a better place. I do not think there is any reason to be upset about the amount of coverage that people have published about TUSC. But, I certainly think that our community should working a lot harder to publish stories on SC-IMC about the more immediate issues that go unnoticed. I know my friend knows how to publish. This person has written amazing articles for Santa Cruz Indymedia, many of which end up being promoted to the center column.

So, I encourage my anonymous friend to continue publishing articles on Santa Cruz Indymedia. SC-IMC is only what we make of it. It is very hard to keep Santa Cruz Indymedia going...... but it is very easy to make it go away.... though, it is impossible to stop (-:

So please, PUBLISH:

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