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Re: "'NEVER AGAIN' OVER AGAIN" β€” on Holocaust Remembrance Day

"connecting the dots" has valuable and important insights to share, but it seems that Lee Kaplan would be the more likely culprit for the DTN identifications, not Becky. His association with Frontpagemag is well established. But Steve has only given us his suspicions, not any evidence. What discussions is he referring to? Steve and Becky's discussions here on this site? It's public information that I'm sure LK is monitoring. Likewise, Community TV, since LK has been a frequent guest on Becky's show. Also, Steve's DTN profile appears to entirely consist of publicly available information.

And while I agree that the company Becky is keeping leaves a LOT to be desired, it's still a stretch to pin an AGENT jacket on her in the absence of hard evidence. It's merely guilt by association. Not good enough for me.

Also, Horowitz is obviously milking his DTN nonsense for fundraising, as a lot of the information contained therein is out of date or inaccurate, and links don't work. But I agree that there is a very real danger of harm coming to those individuals who are identified, and if such happens, Becky will surely bear some responsibility if any happens. And I surely won't be holding by breath waiting for any apology from her.

She is certainly not choosing her political allies wisely, but I think calling her an "agent" at this point in time is unwise. The case against her still needs to be made.

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