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Becky Johnson Endangers SC Activists -- AVOID HER

No, Robert, you're not getting it -- conveniently for you -- that Becky has put herself in a space where she has become a threat to the activist community in Santa Cruz (and beyond).

Horowitz and Kaplan have aligned themselves with extreme right elements in the US and Israel. And Becky Johnson has actively and knowingly connected herself with them. She admits to helping with their McCarthyist/Fascist blacklist. And the local SC folks who have appeared on that list are exclusively those persons whom have been in conflict with Becky regarding Israel/Palestine.

Whether or not Becky Johnson is actively providing new/original information to this blacklist, or whether she "merely" helps to improve its accuracy, she is expressly involved with it. Among "lefty" activists, such an action is not simply a _mistake_ but is instead an unconscionable betrayal of the most basic elements of trust and mutual respect which are fundamental to activist culture.

Becky Johnson is serving as an "agent" (e.g., not merely a representative, but an active collector of info/intelligence) for groups which are overtly authoritarian/fascist and/or racist; groups which are actively compiling and distributing lists and databases designed to target, disrupt and discredit our movements.

Becky Johnson is a threat to our movements, and a threat to our friends and loved ones.

When an activist speaks with Becky Johnson, they not only put themself at risk, but their friends and lovers, as well.

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