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Becky Johnson Endangers SC Activists -- AVOID HER

>contacted an extreme right wing website

Becky is FAR more involved than merely _contacting_ a website. Becky Johnson has a direct, ongoing relation with these folks. She is the official "representative" in Santa Cruz for one of the authoritarian/racist groups, Dafka.

What is Dafka? What do they espouse?

Well, their general information page includes statements like, "the Arabs are simply too primitive" and they can't behave as a "civilized society."

Primitives? Uncivilized? Where have we heard those terms before? That is classic racism.

The other "half" of Dafka is styled as a radically pro-American org, with its "leader" also working with (There's lot's more if you want to waste your time looking it up.)

That's fairly repulsive, to me, but let's not get distracted... the issue isn't that Becky affiliates with a bunch of right-wing racist nutjobs. Though, she does.

The issue is that Becky Johnson is part of and/or affiliates with groups which are actively compiling and distributing lists and databases designed to target, disrupt and discredit our movements.

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