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Snitch??? or just a reporter who believes in accuracy?

"Horowitz and Kaplan have aligned themselves with extreme right elements in the US and Israel. And Becky Johnson has actively and knowingly connected herself with them. She admits to helping with their McCarthyist/Fascist blacklist."

First off, I don't know what "extreme right elements" you are talking about. Both Kaplan and I opposed the election of George Bush. I think Horowitz supports Bush. Kaplan supported the war in Iraq. I opposed it. The only issue we are ALL alligned on is our support for Israel.

If support for Israel means associated with "extreme right elements" I suggest you invest in a dictionary.

As for the McCarthyist/fascist blacklist----may I remind you that JOE MCCARTHY was a US Rep and his list was created by the HOUSE COMMITTEE ON UNAMERICAN ACTIVITIES and hence, McCarthy's blacklist was a government project.

Horowitz is a private citizen and a writer. Hence, his blacklist is merely an editorial.

To compare the two is to lack any kind of historical perspective on why McCarthy's blacklist was so bad.

After the list had been posted, I read up on people who I knew who were on it. During a casual conversation about the list with my associate, Lee Kaplan, I told him some of the information was incorrect. He asked me for the corrections and I gave it to him. Some people here said that the misinformation would have better if it had stayed. I'm sorry, but my purpose as a journalist is to try to provide correct information to my readers. This was not my work ---Horowitz list----but I still did not want to see misinformation posted.
Call me a snitch. I have not done any such thing. What I HAVE done is shot down a few too many sacred cows around here with deadly accuracy. That is why I am being pilloried.

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