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At least get your info straight

Mr. Norse, military thugs? Please. If anything, recruiters are more concerned now than ever before with the appearance of being perceived as offensive, aggressive, etc.

Try it: The Army had absolutely nothing to do with who could be at what table. They were a participant, not an organizer or overseer of the event.

You know: the soldier pictured in desert camoflage above is not an Army recruiter. She is an Army reservist that spent a lot of time in Iraq working with Iraqis to rebuild and better their current situation. Heaven forbid that anyone comes back from Iraq with anything other than bad news!

I'm all for free speech and dissemination of current FACTS. Continue to hand out counter-recruitment info all you like. It's your right. I've read the "5 recruiting myths" paper that gets spread around. It's badly outdated and contains many points that aren't even true any more. If organizations like RCNV don't provide accurate information, aren't they just as guilty of "spin and deception" as the Soldiers they condemn?

Just my opinion, of course. We're all entitled to one, aren't we?

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