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Re: "'NEVER AGAIN' OVER AGAIN" — on Holocaust Remembrance Day

Some coward under the initials HH wrote, "To Steve A. on his resignation from politics: Good bye to the worst organizer ever, and good riddance to the worst left sectarian ever seen in these parts, who even supports the ultra-sectarian RCP, which defend Stalin, Mao, and the Sendero Luninoso thugs in Peru. I can't say you'll be missed. Stay gone, please. Now if only Becky would do the same..."

Argue ran for Santa Cruz City Council against exposing the repressive and anti-homeless City Council. He did this with virtually no support from the organized left but built a base with the poor and got 3,000 votes.

Argue does not support the RCP, I have seen much he has written arguing with them, but he does defend their anti-war and anti-racist work.

Becky Johnson is the opposite of Steven Argue with her support and admiration for pro-war and racist Democrats like Bill Clinton.

I for one will miss Steven Argue and his candor about the oppressors, whether it be the “bad cop? Republicans or the “good cop? Democrats, Steven Argue has told the truth and bravely faced their police intimidation.

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