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Support Each Other--There Are Too Few Of Us

The only "accurate information" that "snitch" Becky Johnson corrected on Horowitz's website, as far as I know, was that George Cadman is a woman. Not aware that that's a major intelligence coup.

Does anyone have an actual information about confidences betrayed or secret data revealed? Or is this simply a blunderbuss way of attacking Becky for these noxious pro-Israeli govt. views and right-wing personal associations?

I think people have to separate their issues and recognize that people are more complex than straw man stereotypes.

If anyone is suggesting that Argue and Johnson's work exposing the City's abusive and hypocritical treatment of the poor is not worthy of support, I'd like to see a reasoned argument. No such argument has yet appeared on this thread or any other that I'm aware of.

Urging a venomous form of total ostracism based on the "Cadman" revelation for Becky Johnson or dismissing Steve Argue's work because you disagree with his perspective on the RCP--particularly when its done by people using psuedonyms--is unpersuasive at best.

I'd be honored to be on Horowitz's blacklist: Yes, the Israeli government is full of shit and a murderous bunch of colonizers. If anyone would like to "inform" on me and tell Horowitz, please do so forthwith.

If our left-wing views, our names, and our genders are in the public domain, it's a little late and a little disingenuous for us to be whining that someone put us on a right-wing list.

In fact, who's doing the whining and the denouncing? Anonymous posters ignoring the accomplishments of two good activists.

Could be they're misinformed, could be they're overamped, could be they have more disruptive motives. Who knows?

Frankly, the more I read these anonymous blasts, the more I think that some posters prefer to denounce activists rather than refute their views.

And that's a pity. There aren't enough of us to squander time and good will in these fratricidal conflicts.

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