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Repeating What's Been Said Before

First, Trash Becky and Defend Becky commentary are really a waste of time and irrelevant to this thread: the relevance of Holocaust Remembrance Day to the denial of rights, life, and limb to the Palestinian people and other oppressed groups.

But note that previous posters have provided no evidence whatsoever that Becky has revealed any private information, broken any confidences, etc.

And some are essentially dismissing her work in other areas without in any way considering its substance. This DAMAGES THE STRUGGLE TO RESTORE RIGHTS TO HOMELESS PEOPLE IN SANTA CRUZ.

Perhaps some of the folks who are so intent on DESTROYING HER EFFECTIVENESS IN THESE AREAS would like to volunteer to take on the job once they've sabotaged her? And having trashed her, me, and Argue--they can take up the work we've been trying at different times to do.

No, I don't think I can convince Becky of the absurdity of her views on the Israeli situation any more than I can convince some folks on this thread to see things in proportion, separate issues, give credit where credit is due, blame where blame is due, and, yes, support each other where we can (and criticize each othe where we must).

My apologies to readers for largely repeating what has been said before.

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