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Re: "'NEVER AGAIN' OVER AGAIN" — on Holocaust Remembrance Day

Becky Johnson asks, "Now that we know, what is left?"

She pretends that she has set us straight once again. Since her “information? is never correct, but instead pulled off of far right web sites, this a funny question. But let's see, besides these issues she has decided to muddle, we have left such issues as the denial of all of the basic rights of entire people by a brutally racist government that has been constantly starting wars on anyone who speaks Arabic ever since they stole the land of Palestine.

To Robert Norse this is not an issue because Palestine is 7,000 miles away. By this logic Iraq is not an issue either. But just like Iraq, the war in Palestine is caused by U.S. intervention and costs the American people billions of dollars that could be spent on social programs rather than killing Arabs.

Agent Johnson chillingly states, “Anyone who wants on the list, let me know, and I will see if I can arrange it.?

Robert Norse tries to play down Becky Johnson's affiliation with a fascist minded organization that is so extreme and far to the right that it sees Bill Clinton as a leftist enemy of America. Agent Johnson also admits that she has supplied information to these whackos for their blacklist of Santa Cruz leftists. There is no defense for Johnson's racism, nor is there any defense for her actions.

I understand to a degree why this is a difficult question for Robert Norse, but I also think that Johnson’s role as an agent for the far right makes her dangerous.

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