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Re: "'NEVER AGAIN' OVER AGAIN" β€” on Holocaust Remembrance Day

If you are doing work around the issue of Israel/Palestine or you plan to in the future (especially if you are planning on traveling to the region to do peacework)then be very careful about giving ANY information to Becky Johnson or those she works with. Your name and info will not just wind up on a list on right wing websites, it will be delivered via Lee Kaplan to the Israeli government and authorities and it could disrupt your ability to work effectively on the issue. Lee Kaplan (BJ's friend, associate and regular guest on her tv show) and his organization Dafka is proud of sharing such info with the Israeli govt and is actively trying to undermine the work of nonviolent activists who are working to end the occupation. He has attempted to infiltrate orgs that are working on the issue, in an effort to gather info, with the intent of informing to the Israeli govt. on these folks. He makes no secret of this, in fact ( although he is somewhat of a failure at it, he has "disguised" himself as a Pakistani by painting his pale skin brown )he brags about it. This is who BJ closely associates with and "corrects" information on activists for.

Another comment: On the Dafka site ( Becky Johnson is the contact for the Santa Cruz area at this site, as well as a regular contributor)in the "Rogues Gallery" there is a picture of Adam Shapiro and his wife Hawaida Arraf. The caption below the photo says "Adam Shapiro and his Palestinian Trophy Wife" I would call that racist and despicable. If BJ was promoting him and his site (on her tv show and as a contributor to the site) and he was speaking about Africans, Asians, Mexicans etc. that way, (Let's say that the caption read "Adam Shapiro and his Mexican trophy Wife" for example) there would be a public outcry and she would be ostracized. But because the racist rhetoric is about Arabs, it is somehow acceptable or palatable. We need to seriously examine that kind of acceptance of racism in this country and community.

The tv show that BJ mentions above in which Lee Kaplan's lies and racist statements were addressed, was not an attack on BJ and Lee as she says. It was a very clear and articulate response to direct quotes pulled from the BJ tv show "Club Cruz". One of those was a direct quote from Lee claiming that the Resource Center for Non-violence had connections to Hamas. There were other equally outrageous quotes that were addressed. It was not an attack on Lee and BJ. Rather, it was a response to repeated lies and racist statements being promulgated on BJ's show. And it was a very fair and informative response.

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