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Becky's also a moron

Becky claims that Nadwa Sarandah's testimony (at the URL she provides above), proves that Nadwa Sarandah claims that a Jewish settler killed her sister. Upon reading the webpage, I can only conclude that Becky, in addition to being a snitch, is also a moron, and incapapable of reading and comprehending plain English.

The webpage states:

"I want to know who murdered her." &

"Prior to the murder of my sister, our family filed numerous complaints of harassment and intimidation by Jewish settlers in Ras al-Amoud. These settlers, with the support of the Israeli municipality and government, want the land on which my late father’s tile factory is established. Our factory is directly adjacent to the land on which the next Jewish settlement in Ras al-Amoud will be built. The Israeli police authorities routinely ignored our complaints about settler aggression and intimidation. Even the Israeli Minister of Justice ignored our lawyer’s request to provide increased police protection for our family members and for our property in Ras al-Amoud."

So Nadwa Sarandah states that she doesn't know who killed her sister, and has a strong suspicion that she wants investigated by the authorities.

A simple demand for justice that Becky deliberately misinterprets for her own agenda.

Becky has totally lost it. Her credibility is completely shot. Apparently, we have a front row seat to her mental and ethical implosion.

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