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Re: Kick Recruiters Out of Our Schools! Regional Youth BBQ (6/4)

dear sgt - it doesn't sound like this event is focusing on the subject of speech, but the subject of discrimination. it also doesn't seem like the intent is for it to be an open dialog, but rather a time to act. when people were organizing to abolish slavery, they didn't invite slaveowners to their meetings. i don't know much about this event, though, so i suppose there's no harm in emailing them asking to attend, since they are asking for an rsvp.

and if you actually are in favor of this "free speech", i'd challenge your friends to decline recruiting in any school in the county unless there are groups and/or individuals offering another side present. we all know that military recruiters are in our youth's schools far more than any other agency, especially those with alternative viewpoints. i'd also challenge the u.s. government to provide the same funding for groups offering alternatives to the military as for recruiters itself. it's easy to say free speecy when one side has a 5 billion dollar budget and the other has a few flyers and a nickel.

finally, if you're such in favor of free speech, i'd urge you to understand when schools and communities seek to ban military recruiters because of their discriminatory policies. as you said, you cannot support free speech for yourself and deny it to others - so the military should support the free speech of schools and universities and not complain like little babies to congressmen to restrict that speech - such as the No Child Left Behind Act and the Solomon Amendment has done.

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