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Designing Cities of Our Future

Sustaining cities of our future can be seen as organisms that are alive. Cites are the sources of products from industry (technical nutrients). They flow to the countryside and then back to the city to be refurbished providing constant employment. These products are the tractors, vehicles, windmills, solar panels etc. While the countryside is where the products of nature (biological nutrients) flow from the natural world to feed the cities and then return to the countryside to rebuild or recarbonize the soils. These two giant flows of healthy material circulate providing perpetual food for industry and nature while all the children grow up healthy surrounded by rich culture and a healthy and diverse natural world.

This is a 2:24 minute video of Mr. McDonough describing cities of our future. There are now 17 new template Cradle to Cradle cities in China. Mr. McDonough is also helping Chicago to be the greenest city in the United States.


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