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CUE wimped out

As a longtime labor supporter, I find this strike action, and CUE leadership to be very ineffective.

Why the decision to wait until finals are done, and most students gone? CUE could have chosen to really hit the UC hard, by striking two weeks ago, in the run-up to finals. Don't you want student solidarity? Do you want to show the UC Regents you REALLY mean business? That's what CUE reps have been shouting into bullhorns for the last four months at every other labor rally on campus.

School's out, who cares, if CUE is on strike in the middle of June? UCSC is like a ghost town now.

To me, this sends a clear message that CUE doesn't want to rock the UC's boat.

Good luck with your strike, I truly hope you get a fair contract, but I wouldn't bet on it.

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