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Matt--this is the article that is clearly anti-semitic

My original post, before it was deleted, and this original article allowed to stay up, points out that the author compares (without giving any example as to why the comparison is valid) the Jews to the Nazis and the KKK. I went to this guys website. The comments posted by people there said that this guy is a mental case.

But of course, only MY comment is deleted.
Here is my completely within the guidelines comments on the above article.

Let's see--Jews are like Nazis and the KKK for what???
12 Jun 2005

by Becky Johnson
After a long pre-amble where the author generically compares Jews to Nazis AND the KKK, he finally reveals his evidence of what he calls "gang-stalking."

1st Charge:

"..... are some photos of some Zionist/Likudist agents following, .... and videotaping me"

So some people videotaped him in a public place?
Kids... this is a LEGAL activity. Get used to it.
If you want to insure that you are never videotaped, don't go out in public!!

Note his "proof" of the stalking (unknown parties taking photos of the author) are photos taken of the "stalker!" If photographing someone is wrong then why is the author doing it?


"These creatures have even entered illegally numerous times into my home, apartments and placed illegal covert mini wireless cameras in me and my girlfriend's bathroom and bedroom and have hundreds of hours of us crapping, pissing, having sex, etc etc!!!! They go around showing this to huge numbers of fellow Likudists/Zionists in the Jewish community, as well as criminals, police, fire and ambulence workers, city workers, and use it as a recruiting tool to get these types to participate in gang stalking us."

BECKY: Okay. That sounds like a crime to me. So why hasn't the author filed charges against the tresspassers and voyeurs? Why come in here and complain? Unless its not true. Or the author doesn't really know who did it.

So he has no real evidence of any victimization and no real knowledge of who his perpetrators are except.....they are Jews who are just like the Nazis and the KKK.

Can you guys actually recognize an anti-semitic article when you see one?

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