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Becky and Ray are both mentally ill.

Actually, Becky, if you'd bother to read it, you'd notice that the author does NOT compare Jews to Nazis and/or KKK.

He doesn't compare ANYONE to Nazis or the KKK. He simply alleges (without proof) that this sort of behavior was a tactic employed by those groups. He then claims (with the only "proof" being his highly-questionable testimony) that "Likudists/Zionists" are also engaging in this activity.

And for as much as the author seems to be mentally ill, he doesn't seem to be a racist (at least, based upon this article). He makes a clear distinction within his rambling, paranoid story between Jews and "Likudists/Zionists." His bias, whether reasonable or not, thus seems to be against persons who hold certain political views, rather than their religious beliefs or their ethnic heritage.

But I'm not surprised that you'd make such an obvious mistake, because you're unable to distinguish the difference between "Jews" and "Zionists." Of course, in making that mistake, you immediately started barking out charges that someone was a racist. And I'm sure that you will stick to that claim regardless of ANY amount of information to the contrary.

Interestingly, Ray also makes a comment about "a black fellow who follows us around," yet you don't claim that he's racist in that way, but only that he's "anti-semitic." Why is that, Becky?

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