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George calls FRSC in response to "Becky Johnson, Uncensored"

george-inw_6-13-05.mp3 (7380 k)
(15:44 minutes / 7.2 MB)

After playing this audio,

Becky Johnson of Dafka; Live and Uncensored!:

on Free Radio Santa Cruz

I got a call from George who wanted to respond to the portion of the audio she heard. I also asked George about being on 'David Horowitz's list.'

George agreed with the following advice regarding Becky Johnson, which she read on Indymedia:


Make sure that other folks know what Becky Johnson is really up to, and who she's involved with. Let them know the risk they take by having *anything* to do with her.

Stay away from Becky Johnson. Avoid her. Don't let her into your meetings, groups, or events. If you can help it, don't let her know your name, address, or any other information.

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