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Re: PIX: Cindy and Craig Corrie @ SC Vets Hall

Cindy and Craig Corrie, parents of Rachel Corrie, spoke at the Santa Cruz Vets Hall on June 14, 2005 -- shortly after "Becky Johnson of Dafka; Live and Uncensored!" was recorded on Pacific Ave.

Check out this photo by Matt Fitt from the event!

"Becky Johnson, local rep for racist anti-Arab group Dafka, attempted to write down the names of persons whom had signed up on the mail list. She was intercepted and prevented from doing so."

nice photo, Matt.

Becky, you are pathetic.

Robert Norse, if you continue working with Becky Johnson, then I have serious concerns about you. There is absolutely no question that Becky Johnson is a threat to people working for social justice.

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