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"If David Horrowitz were publishing... photos of activists... I would be concerned."

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John Thielking wrote:

"I asked her specificly if she would ever or never take down contact information from such a list without the knowledge of the person who wrote down the information. She kind of hedged on that and she would not emphaticly say no to this..."

Well, that is a problem...

"If David Horrowitz were publishing addresses and home phone numbers or even photos of activists on his discover the lefties web site, then I would be concerned."

Well John, David Horrowitz openly publishes photographs of activits.

"I am concerned when Lee Kaplan continues to threaten to sue Bradley and Indymedia even after the retractions of the statements about death threats have been published in all of the publications where these statements were printed."

Seriously, thanks for your concern, John. I however, have no concern about Lee Kaplan sueing me. I have not done anything wrong.

Hey John, I'm concerned for you...

Is Becky Johnson a knowing, active informant for dangerous right-wing groups? Or is she, instead, just their willing dupe?

It doesn't really matter, does it? Our response should be the same, either way: EXPOSE and OSTRACIZE.

Make sure that other folks know what Becky Johnson is really up to, and who she's involved with. Let them know the risk they take by having *anything* to do with her.

Stay away from Becky Johnson. Avoid her. Don't let her into your meetings, groups, or events. If you can help it, don't let her know your name, address, or any other information.

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