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Re: Rally and Vigil at the Sentinel - June 17th

The protest went well, with about 25 people in attendance. One of the TV reporters showed up as well as some newspaper reporters and other media. One of the main points that was made was that the media has refrained from publishing some of the gorier pictures of people maimed in Iraq. One of the workers at the Sentinel pointed out that people have actually cancelled their subscriptions when some of those very pictures were published on the front page, such as the contractors who were burned and hung from a bridge.

Anticipating the other literature that the protesters were handing out about how the US media has under-reported the story about the Downing Street Memos, Friday's (June 17th) Sentinel had an article on page A-9 about the Downing Street Memos and the resulting fallout in the US Congress. The significance of the Downing Street Memos was first reported by the London Times on 5/1/05. The doccuments outline the fact that the Bush administration had intended to attack Iraq much earlier than previously proved, and that Bush distorted intelligence about Iraq to fit his War agenda. Congress-people are now organizing into coalitions to call for the US to get out of Iraq. For more info, check out:

(Norman Solomon on Iran)


USA today had a front page headline a few days ago proclaiming that 59% of the people in the US want some form of troop withdrawl from Iraq.

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