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--- Jared Ball wrote:

> To: Thomas Gomez ,
> Mark ,
> Shani O'Neal ,
> Lester B. Wallace lll ,
> thomas ruffin
> From: Jared Ball
> Subject: Fwd: WPFW Troubles...
> Date: Mon, 20 Jun 2005 13:09:06 -0400
> Hello everyone,
> Ron (Pinchback GM WPFW) emailed me back saying he
could not comment on
> the issue we
> discussed the other day nor could he allow Tom on
> the airwaves since
> formal complaints have been filed. He asked for my
> cooperation and i
> agreed.
> j
The Blackademics (a show on WPFW) had interviewed
three of us including a local board member Attorney
Thomas Ruffin, former Mt. Pleasant ANC Commisioner
Marco Del Fuego. and myself about the issues in the
complaint and planned to broadcast it tuesday
evening.This action was retaliatory for my filling of
the original Discrimination on basis of National
Origin complaint scheduled to be heard before the
Human Right Commission on July 19 10:30 am.

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