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Re: Vigilantes On the Upswing?

Addicts aren't victims of crime, they're just sad pathetic people who have messed themselves up. We only hear about the failures and the crazies, because people who can handle their drugs responsibly don't make it into the news, and certainly never speak out to say "I use this, and my life is okay." They're afraid of stigma, and punishment by self-righteous crusaders for the Public Morality.

Even cooking meth is just a thing. Working on a car is dangerous, so is building a house, even riding a motorcycle. If you don't know what you're doing and aren't smart enough to do it right. That don't mean someone else can't. Leave anything dangerous to the experts, duh.

People dont need meth and it's dangerous anyway? People don't need motorcycles and they're dangerous anyway. But that's called freedom, jackass. Freedom to take risks and make bad decisions. Except when you cross a line and try to make other people pay for your mistakes. Then you're a thief. But that doesn't make the rest of us thieves. That's called freedom too! So bugger off.

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